Friday, 20 January 2012

Something I Need to know

What does love mean to a boy? Possession, jealousy or their ego???? Why do a boy think that to the girl he loves is his property?
Lets talk as a layman. Some Boy’s life starts from three Fs first FUN, second FUCK, third FORGET YAAR mere liye to ladkiyo ki line lagi hai. I can’t imagine why some of the boys are so. If a boy is disturbing a girl by calling her by fake numbers or sending her fake friend requests that is his legal right.   Girls need to understand. Girls need to be prepared to have a safe side. Hum to aisa karenge hi. Yaar teri wali  LOndiya  badi mast hai. Shali bahut chillati hai,.bhosdi k meri wali ki taraf mat dekhiye tu.  If at the same time she calls the guy then scene changes hey sweetheart  ///// what’s up baby??  Someone is there with you. (kutto chup ho jaao puchh rahi hai koi hai)
These are the common things.
What if a girl asks ,can u marry me? Baby let’s talk about it later..
Talking in an abusing language is just like having a crown on our head. FUCK OF such kind of boys … I really hate such people. They must know to respect before expecting respect from others.

Story begins from a simple chat. Hey bebs I would like to be your friend forever. If I didn’t get a girl I would like to have a partner like you..  Yea why not we are.. And after some days hey sweety good news for you,I got a girl friend. Since 2 months you are flirting with me and what the hell you are saying that now you have got a girl friend. Mere sath kya jhak maar raha  tha?
Hey listen to me. Please I love you so much. But she is my life. Okay then be with her.

Story doesn’t finish here. Girl was very sensitive.. but they broke up. For one month silence Supremes.  Hey honey can’t be friends again. Why not ? we can. Of course we are. And then again he started playing with that girl. May be girl was so innocent. But now her one mistake has made her life like the hell. He used all the tricks which he could. Actually there was no girl friend at all. He wrote blogs , kept calling her by fake numbers. I must say he would have been spent a lot for having number of Sims. But if the girl asks her why he is doing so? He has no answer .  is this not a very good philosophy of boys.

But girls need to understand boys have the right to do this…
Why boys can’t take things in a simple way. Oh no!!!!!!!!!! don’t start misjudging me.. coz I am in anger… angry with such kind of mentality of boys and girls.  Fuck of this time pass.. coz they are mostly busy about talking there girls rather than anything else. And blogging world is full such kind of adult poems and blogs.  
. Don’t u think we need to keep some things private for the sake of the relationship.

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  1. Nice one.
    I agrees to your article ..yup .. I also feel where are we heading .. seen and heard a lot of such conversation when passing through .. even little kids using abusive lang ... where does it starts from ...I think it all starts from within our-self... life may look brighter on the other side but on the hind side its just opp ..of it.. I feel sorry for them and their parents ...that they failed miserably.. in making then ..what we call real humans..
    If we have the right attitude and the condusive environment then just like sandalwood its doesn't looses its fragrance and characteristic even wrapped by poisonous snake...